The M1 Scorpion from Built for Battle Technologies has been designed to be one of the most adaptable Molle assault vests on the market and is basicly a modular version of the Russian M22. The modular webbing on the front and back allows for the maximum amount of customisation. The Scorpion has 3 side adjustment straps each side that can be pulled or released while the vest is being worn. Double thick heavy duty mesh is used where possible to reduce heat build-up. The vest will fit small frames up to X Large, and can be worn over body armour. Loops on the bottom of the vest for a belt to be worn.


Tan has been chosen as the material colour for the Scorpion because it presents a neutral background for a wide variety of camo patterned pouches including British Desert DPM, German Tropentarn, Tri-Colour Desert and Mulitcam/MTP.

M1 Scorpion Vest